About Sweetgrass
(Organic Frozen Wheatgrass)

Sweetgrass is Organic Frozen Wheatgrass Shots. For Energy, Strength and Vitality. Our Sweetgrass (Organic frozen wheatgrass) is grown, processed and packaged for convenience, ease of use and keeping its nutrient dense qualities.

We have branded our frozen wheatgrass “Sweetgrass” as our wheatgrass is exceptionally sweet. This is due to the way we grow our wheatgrass. We grow the best wheatgrass at our certified organic farm. But the real magic comes form growing it directly in the soils of Gleann na nGealt valley in Camp on the Dingle peninsula. Protecting our wheatgrass from the worst of the elements with polytunnels.


The amazing water in the valley and the Sea-90 salt we add to re-mineralise the soil gives everything that our wheatgrass needs to grow strong and healthy.  This means our wheatgrass has grown to its full potential absorbing all the goodness it is renowned for, ready to impart it to you for increased Energy, Strength and Vitality.

Wheatgrass has a lot of major health benefits. More and more people are using it to supplement their diets, and also to help in their treatments. Most people would take 1 shot a day as a health supplement, but for people using it who are actually sick, up to 3 or 4 shots a day are taken.

While people are enjoying wheatgrass, a lot more people would drink wheatgrass if they didn’t have to sprout and grow it. Then buy a masticating juicer and extract it fresh themselves every morning.

With Sweetgrass you can pick up a week, month or several months supply. Keep it in your freezer, then pop it into a glass with a  bit of water / juice or just pop frozen in your mouth any time you want a wheatgrass pick up.

What People Say


I’ve been getting frozen wheatgrass from Manna for over a year now…..it is like getting constant “health” in a shot….the quality is great, the ease of taking it is wonderful & the benefits for my health – terrific.


Linda Woods

Thank You Manna!

I tried growing & juicing my own wheatgrass, but as family life & work got more demanding & time consuming for me – I turned to Manna to ease my pressure.  Now I buy their frozen wheatgrass each week & it is wonderful – filled with all the goodness you could wish for, the benefits to my health, skin, energy & general well-being is fantastic.  Thank you Manna for making life so much easier for me.

Manna Customer