Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has a lot of major health benefits. More and more people are using it to supplement their diets, and also to help in their treatments.

But due to the highly restrictive and expensive requirements for directly claiming any type of health benefits a product may provide to a person consuming it. We can not presently make any direct claims on the benefits of including wheatgrass as part of your daily diet. But we will highlight that such information is available through a simple internet search. The shear volume of information and personal experiences shared by people all over the world who take wheatgrass, speaks volumes. You can check out our links section that will get you started.

We can add to this our personal experience and that of our existing customers. Highlighting Sweetgrass (Organic Frozen Wheatgrass) and its extremely positive effects on both our energy levels and physical health.

Wheatgrass Benefits Poster


The best way to consume wheatgrass is cut fresh, juiced and consumed immediately.

But the time, energy and commitment required by a person to continue using wheatgrass like this means that most do not continue to do so to spite the benefits.

We found spending at least half an hour every morning to juice it fresh. Not to mention the time and space needed to grow it was a barrier to many of our customers who wanted it.


We wanted to provide a more convenient consumer friendly product. A method that preserved the fantastic qualities of wheatgrass for people to use when ever they needed it.  Feedback from our customers who trialled the Sweetgrass lets us know that we have an amazing product on our hands.

Effects of Freezing on Shelf life and Nutrient Availability. Results Shannon ABC:

Using an innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland we carried out shelf life and nutrient analysis on our frozen wheatgrass. The results were very promising and encouraged us to continue developing Sweetgrass for market.

Pigment Analysis:

In comparison of the fresh versus frozen wheatgrass juice, total chlorophyll was reduced with chlorophyll a reduction accounting for the majority of this reduction. However chlorophyll b only reduced slightly indicating it being less sensitive to freezing. Further, frozen storage up to 6 months did not cause any changes to the pigment concentration and their profile indicating that there is good repeatability within the data and also that, once stored, the product is quite stable with respect to the pigments.

Nutritional Analysis:

Nutritional analysis of fresh juice sample as well as the micronutrients content in both fresh and frozen wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice is known to contain various health beneficial vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C, vitamin B17, Iron and folic acid.

Importantly frozen storage does not cause degradation of any of the micronutrients studied, and in fact there is an increase in some of the micronutrients in the samples stored for 3-6 months. The concentration of micronutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, potassium, Iron, selenium, phosphorous remained stable.


We have started our own research on Sweetgrass with an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland.

The focus was on shelf life and nutrient content. The research was carried out by Shannon ABC based at Tralee and Limerick institute of Technologies. The objective was to test our Sweetgrass (frozen organic wheatgrass) for nutrient density, bio-availability, effects of freezing and storage.

We will continue to engage in research, confirming the benefits and results experienced by the consumption of wheatgrass, but particularly Sweetgrass (Organic Frozen Wheatgrass).

Here is an overview of the focus Group on Sweetgrass that was carried out at Tralee Institute technology in 2013.
Bachelor’s degree in marketing level

The Focus Group examined customer’s opinions of the product on the following groups

  1. Athlete Focus Group
  2. Health Conscious Focus Group
  3. Sick & Ill Group
This focus group will seek to examine the customers’ experience with Sweetgrass Organic Frozen Wheatgrass. It was carried out by applying primary research (such as survey, focus groups) methods to understand the customer’s/ prospect’s needs.
The following sub-objectives were to:
  • To examine customer feedback or experiences
  • Analyse potential customer comments or reactions to the product.
  • Find a reason why people will taste/try or buy this product
  • Examine the long term effects of the product on customers.