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I’ve been getting frozen wheatgrass from Manna for over a year now…..it is like getting constant “health” in a shot….the quality is great, the ease of taking it is wonderful & the benefits for my health – terrific.

Linda Woods

I have frozen wheatgrass delivered to my door weekly by Manna & it is the best service you could wish to find.  It’s not easy to find obliging & willing people to constantly roll up to your door each week & smilingly hand over my “health kick” for the week.  Wonderful & it is certainly showing in every way when it comes to my own health.

Manna Organic Customer

I tried growing & juicing my own wheatgrass, but as family life & work got more demanding & time consuming for me – I turned to Manna to ease my pressure.  Now I buy their frozen wheatgrass each week & it is wonderful – filled with all the goodness you could wish for, the benefits to my health, skin, energy & general well-being is fantastic.  Thank you Manna for making life so much easier for me.

Manna Organic Customer

Wheatgrass might not taste the best – but the benefits for general health & well-being are absolutely terrific.  It helps energy levels, therefore positivity, skin and general health & well-being.  Taking it in its frozen form is quick, easy & better than any other vitamin supplement I have ever tried.

Manna Organic Customer
“Well that’s less than a coffee a day. When you break it down, you don’t realise what you spend on tea and coffee a day.” (Male in his early thirties) – Sweetgrass Focus Group
Sweetgrass Focus Group

“I thought that the fact that it was ice cubes was really handy because you just popped it out.”(Female in her twenties) –

Sweetgrass Focus Group

Sweet Grass Focus Group

“Yes the cubes are convenient it’s so easy and the other thing that would make me buy this product is the taste. I put a drop of juice to add a kick to it. After five or six days it becomes an acquired taste like a pint of Guinness” (Male in his thirties)

“I found I had more energy and more motivated and willing, you know, I play a lot of sports like and I found that it did benefit.” (Female early twenties)

“I would take it a lot because it is a super food, organic and really good” (Male in his thirties)

All Quotes from Sweetgrass Focus Group

Sweetgrass Focus Group

“I liked the effectiveness for my body and overall vitality, the energy” (Female 30-40 years)

“Like that anybody who is health conscious will try and take it at least once per day to improve their health” (Male 20-30)

“For me energy levels and your mood, particularly in the morning time, I wasn’t looking for an extra twenty minutes in bed.” (Male 36-40 years)

“I am amazed because before I took it, I couldn’t even get myself to go for a walk but now I walk twice a day, it’s great!” (Female 40-50’s)

“I suppose when you know the research about you know, what it contains, I don’t know, maybe, psychologically you just felt better. I think I did anyway while I was taking it” (Male 20-30’s)

All Quotes are from the Sweetgrass Focus Group
Sweetgrass Focus Group