What is Sweetgrass?

Sweetgrass Organic Frozen Wheatgrass Shots

Sweetgrass is grown, processed and packaged for convenience, ease of use and keeping its nutrient dense qualities.


Benefits and Features

  • Certified Organic Nutrient dense wheatgrass
  • Convenient, (Grown, Juiced and Blast frozen in portion size packaging)
  • Quick Preparation
  • Clean, (Only mess is one Glass)
  • Health benefits are well documented

Unique selling points

  • Organic
  • Irish
  • Gleann Na nGealt pure spring water
  • Fresh atlantic air
  • Sustainably produced
  • Nutrient dense
  • Health promoting
  • Environmentally produced

Advantages to customers

  • Improved Health
  • More Energy
  • Time saving / convenient
  • Easy storage in freezer, Long shelf life
  • Delivered to your door.

Naturally & Locally Grown:

We grow our wheatgrass on our certified organic farm. But the real magic comes from growing it directly in the soils of the Gleann na nGealt valley on the Dingle peninsula. The amazing water in the valley and the Sea-90 salt we add to re-mineralise the soil gives everything that our wheatgrass needs to grow strong and healthy. This means our wheatgrass has grown to its full potential absorbing all the goodness it is renowned for, ready to impart it to you for increased Energy, Strength and Vitality.
We protect our wheatgrass from the worst of the elements with poly tunnels. Allowing the best of both worlds. Grown from the land and ideal conditions.

Easy to take:

  • Minutes to prepare..
  • No Mess..
  • Storage / Freezer … (shelf life)

Sweetgrass can be stored in your freezer, ready to use when ever you need a boost. Our shelf life analysis shows that once frozen, Sweetgrass keeps its nutrient dense qualities. With some minerals more bio-available after the freezing process.